Summer schools

The first Summer School "Interior Lighting for Domestic Spaces" will be held for Consortium’s students by the University of Wolverhampton in the UK from 29th July to 2nd August 2019. The Summer School will give participants the opportunity to identify key factors and new emergent themes in health research-based lighting design to be implemented in academic curricula and research.

The added value of holding intensive educational programmes in the format of Summer School is that intercultural learning will take place more effectively face-to-face, as teachers and students interact in an energizing and motivating way.  Teaching staff from the partner organisations will give classes and observe each other working with learners in the classroom setting. Thus, it will be a valuable learning experience both for students and lecturers.

Students will be split into groups. Each group will have two supervising teaching staff members — one with a health research background and one with a design background. This will provide an opportunity for students to interact directly face-to-face with world-leading academics and research. Meanwhile, course designers will observe students’ reaction to different tasks and components of the modules, so that adjustments and improvements could be made later on, if required.