1st Erasmus School L4H


Topic: Interior Lighting for Domestic Spaces.

Wolverhampton, 19th August, 2019 — The Consortium members of the LIGHT4HEALTH project (L4H) are glad to announce the results of the first Summer School, which took place in the framework of the programme Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership from 29th July to 2nd August 2019. The event was organized at the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom. Alongside the University, other partners involved were Thomas Jefferson University (USA), ITMO University (Russia), and the leading European schools in architectural lighting design Aalborg University (Denmark), Hochschule Wismar (Germany), and KTH Royal Institute (Sweden).

The first Summer School was devoted to the topic “Interior Lighting for Domestic Spaces”. The total amount of participants was 21 students and 7 teachers. The Summer School gave participants the opportunity to identify key factors to design health research-based lighting for elderly people or families with children, and discuss their projects with teachers at the result of the Summer School. The student projects offered technical requirements for illumination sources, lighting scenarios and lighting design schemes of real homes visited by the students on the third day of the Summer School.

In the first two days, students attended lectures about the physics of light and vision, potential dangers of light, space analysis, neuroendocrine, neurological, and circadian effects of light. In groups, they practised working with measuring equipment, calculating daylight factors and creating calculation grids, as well as taking into account the effect of flickering. On the fourth day, the students processed the data they had gathered and designed their projects. The fifth day ended with the presentation of projects and a joint dinner. The added value of holding intensive educational programmes in the format of Summer Schools was that intercultural learning took place more effectively face-to-face, as teachers and students interacted in an energizing and motivating way. Teaching staff from the partner organisations gave classes and observed each other working with learners in the classroom setting. Thus, it was a valuable learning experience for both students and lecturers.

Short summary

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership L4H project was officially launched on 4 October 2018. Over three years, the Consortium will participate in summer schools, workshops and meetings to create a trans-disciplinary teaching course on the topic of “Health Research for Lighting Design”. The course will consist of three educational modules: “Interior Lighting for Domestic Spaces”, “Lighting for Working / Educational Environments”, and “Lighting for Healthcare Environments”.

As a result of the L4H project, educational materials, video lectures of three summer schools, documents and interactive exercises will be placed on a Virtual Platform created through the project. Access to the platform will be open to anyone interested in the L4H project. The idea of this Virtual Platform is to unite the best educational resources, materials, methods and tools to research the influence of light on human health in lighting design, and to develop the quality of light and lighting environment. Among the research interests considered in the project are neurology, photobiology, neuroendocrinology, psychophysiology and psychology.

Venue: Wulfruna Street, Wolverhampton.

The Programme of the Summer School is available here


Linear LED luminaires with changeable CCT (correlated colour temperature) were kindly given by LIGMAN.

The leading associated partner in Communication and Dissemination Strategy is the company VIA-Verlag, the organizer of the global lighting design convention PLDC and publisher of PLD Magazine.

Associated Partners:

  • VIA-Verlag company, Germany
  • Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy
  • Vicenza Institute of Architecture, Italy
  • Roma Tre University, Italy
  • Tallinn University, Estonia — The School of Digital Technologies
  • Seoul Semiconductor company, USA